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Imperial Crowns (2000)

Imperial Crowns



1. Ramblin' Woman Blues
2.(I'm Gonna) Hunt You Down
3. Preachin' the Blues
4. Love TKO
5. Big Boy
6. Blues Look Watcha Done
7. Praise His Name
8. Since I Met You Baby
9. Altar of Love
10. Stone Righteous
11. Jack O' Diamond's Blues

Hymn Book (2004)

Hymn Book



1. Lil' Death
2. The River
3. Kingsize Jones
4. Baby's Gone Wild
5. Golden Girl
6. You Don't Miss Your Water
7. Comin' Fuh Ya
8. Love Blues
9. (Simply) Just a Dream
10. Blues Au GoGo
11. Restless Soul
12. Mr. Jinx


Preachin' The Blues Live! (2005)

Preachin' the Blues




1. Preachin' the Blues
2. Lil' Death
3. Praise His Name
4. Big Boy
5. (Simply) Just a Dream
6. The River
7. Altar of Love
8. Golden Girl
9. Blues Au GoGo
10. You Don't Miss Your Water
11. Ramblin' Woman Blues



Star of The West (2007)

Star of the West




1. Star of the West
2. Nobody Baby
3. Big Love Generator
4. You Cut Me
5. Bettye Gunn
6. Pharoah's Army
7. Diamond Cane
8. Two Headed Woman
9. Love Generator
10. Storm Warning
11. Soul Deep Freak
12. River Deep-Mountain High

Preachin' The Blues Live! DVD

Preachin' the Blues DVD

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"Overflowing with psychedelic garage beats, straight-ahead
soul and voodoo riffs, R&B and a goodly portion of
down-home funk, the music of the Imperial Crowns is
an explosive mixture that defies categorization."

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