I'm steady on the Devil's trail
Catch the Devil by the tail
If he hollas let 'em wail
On this task I must not fail
'Tween him and me one's gotta fall
Who'll go down and who'll stand tall
I will not kneel I will not crawl
So read the writing on the wall
Though he's got a piece of my soul
That's a mighty long way from total control
At the end of this dance when we rock n' roll
It'll be ol' Scratch who's gonna pay the toll
Then there's one more thing I gotta do
Directly from my heart so true
Sing like the Devil with the blues
I'll be singin'......Just for you!!

Peace, J. W.

Star of The West
Produced by Jimmie Wood & J. J. Holiday

All songs written by: Jimmie Wood and J. J. Holiday, except
"River Deep-Mountain High" written by Phil Spector, Jeff
Barry and Ellie Greenwich

Imperial Crowns:
Jimmie Wood - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
J. J. Holiday - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Barsimanto - Drums, vocals
Keith Karman - Electric and upright bass, vocals



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