01. Preachin' The Blues
02. Lil' Death
03. Praise His Name
04. Big Boy
05. (Simply) Just A Dream
06. The River
07. Altar Of Love
08. Golden Girl
09. Blues Au GoGo
10. You Don't Miss Your Water
11. Ramblin' Woman Blues

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Preachin' The Blues Live!
Produced by Imperial Crowns and Thomas Ruf

Remember the year of two thousand four
Ol' Satan was goin' from door to door
The Dark Prince was walkin' like a natural man
Theivin' and deceivin' in every nation and land
Fuckin' with the people everywhere he'd go
With his dagger tongue and poison innuendo
Now just as sure as I was born to die
I'm the muthafucka that spit in his eye
I ain't no hero and I don't wanna boast
But I kicked his ass from the east coast to west coast
I don't carry no shank and I don't pack no heat
Baby I chopped up Satan like a butcher chops meat
Some folks think that he got my soul
But before that day, he's got to shovel some coal
So run Devil run 'cause my aim is true
And while I'm Taxin' Mr. Scratch
I'll be singin'......Just for you!

Imperial Crowns:
Jimmie Wood: vocals, harmonica, guitar
J. J. Holiday: lead guitar, backing vocals
Billy "Champagne" Sullivan: drums, backing vocals
John Avila: bass, backing vocals

All Songs written by Jimmie Wood and J. J. Holiday
Published by Little Big Beat/GEMA, Bad Love Music/BMI,
Except "You Don't Miss Your Water" written by William Bell
Published by Irving Music Inc. (East Memphis Special Account)

Recorded at Harmonie (Bonn, Germany) during the Rockpalast
Crossroads Festival on 03/23/2004