The Calling

Dress like a pimp Sing like the Devil
Shoot from the hip, Think like a rebel
I can write a love letter
Mail it to your heart
I can gather up the clouds
I can make 'em part
They said I had the callin'
'Fore I started crawlin'
They all said I had the calli'
'Fore I started Crawlin'

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The Calling
Produced by The Imperial Crowns

All Songs Written and Produced by The Imperial Crowns

Imperial Crowns:
Jimmie Wood - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
J. J. Holiday - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Billy Sullivan - Drums, Percussion

Supporting Cast:
Rachel Wood - Backing Vocals
Andre Berry - bass
Benmont Tench - Electric Piano
Bob Glaub - Bass
Mike Rocha - Trumpets
Ryan Dragon - Trombone
Peter Slocomb - Tenor & Baritone Sax